Free on-line storage for meter readings    help

  • Allow field personnel to record manual meter readings via a web page
  • Organise meters into walk orders
  • Make any web-enabled phone or PDA into a meter-reading terminal
  • Store the readings privately in a central database
  • Download the stored readings via the web wherever you are
  • Includes web-enabled Excel workbooks for automatic data download
  • It's easy to set up a scheme for your organization
  • The basic service is free of charge and free of adverts
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Want to know more?

To learn more about the system you can view the help pages for general users and there is also a 5-minute video tutorial shows how to enter data through the MeterPad system's desktop interface (note that the system also has a mobile interface for use with smartphones).

Potential system owners can get a flavour of the back-end facilities from the help pages for owners and administrators.

Companion software: the Excel-based GetReadings front-end application can retrieve your stored readings and convert them to regular weekly or monthly tables of consumption. Email for the workbook with live sample files and documentation. 12 April 2016

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